Alternative Raw Materials for Cement

Steel manufacturing by-products such as Electric Arc Furnace slag, Ladle Furnace slag and mill scale are valuable secondary raw materials for the cement industry.

Under the Circular Economy context, industrial waste and byproducts should be first considered as secondary raw materials or alternative fuels for industrial use prior to any other recovery or disposal action.

Since 10 years already, Aeiforos Bulgaria has been processing steelmaking residues such as electric arc furnace slags, mill scales and spent refractories so that they are further utilized in other sectors of economy such as road construction, cement production and steelmaking respectively. Apart from the steelmaking residues, and in close cooperation with Greek parent company Aeiforos SA, Aeiforos Bulgaria is expanding into the management of more industrial wastes which can be used for cement and clinker production. Wastes such as used blasting sands, filter dusts, wastewater treatment sludges and metallurgical drosses (aluminum, etc) are properly treated to achieve the required characteristics in order to be recycled in cement plants for clinker and cement production. As a result and via Aeiforos, wastes are transformed to resources contributing to industrial ecology and circular economy.